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A closer look at Chesapeake Bayhawks, Callum Robinson, as he answers questions from Lacrosse Hub Fans

August 21, 2015

Fans ask - Callum answers...

 What is your favorite lacrosse moment or experience?

I’ve had a very enjoyable lacrosse career playing in both America and Australia; however of all the memories and successes I've experienced two moments really standout to me. The first occurred in 2013 when as a member of the Stevenson University Men’s Lacrosse team we won our school’s first national championship defeating RIT at The Linc in Philadelphia. The second moment came in the summer of 2014 when I was fortunate enough to be picked to represent my home country and be apart of the Australian team playing in the world championships in Denver.  (Callum Robison, Photo courtesy of Getty images)


What is your stick set up?

During my senior season at Stevenson University I used a 1Lacrosse shaft with an STX Hammer. Upon entering the MLL I changed my set up to a Warrior Titan Pro with a Warrior Revo3 head. I always rely on East Coast Dyes mesh and have recently been stringing my sticks with the new Hero mesh. I have also used wooden shafts from time to time but I like to mix it up and try new things when I can.


Was playing Pro Lacrosse always a dream of yours?

Growing up as a young lacrosse player in Australia I idolized the games best players and loved watching them perform in the MLL or on the international stage. Every kid wants to be just like his or her role models so yes, playing professional lacrosse has been a life long dream since I picked up my first stick.


How is Lacrosse different in Australia vs the US?


Lacrosse in Australia is played in a very different style and manner compared to how the game is run in the US. The game is played at a slower pace in Australia which encourages a much more physical style of lacrosse without the finesse that is observed in the college or pro lacrosse leagues. Without high school lacrosse or quality youth programs the skill level of Australian lacrosse players is inferior to their American counterparts, however there is no denying the tenacity and work ethic of the athletes that commit themselves to the game in Australia.


What age did you start playing lacrosse?

I first started playing lacrosse around my 12th birthday. I took a very short break from the sport when I was 17 to pursue the opportunity to play Australian Rules Football more competitively but quickly regretted my decision and resumed playing lacrosse.

What is your workout routine/regimen?

My workout routine varies depending on the time of the year and the demands of a lacrosse season. In the gym I try to maintain a heavy but explosive lifting schedule with exercises that mimic lacrosse based movements. I like a lot of circuit work too because you can still lift heavy whilst also maintaining a solid heart rate for 40-80 minutes. My running regime is usually restricted to agility based workouts that require high intensity short sprints with varying movements and obstacles that help imitate quick offensive players that I’m required to guard on the field.


Do they offer lacrosse in High School in Australia?  


Refer to above question about the differences between Australia and US lacrosse.


Do you string your own sticks, or do you have someone else do it?

I string all my own sticks and have done so since my youth lacrosse days. I think it’s important for a player to be able to understand their stick and be able to manipulate it depending on what they want or require. Sometimes changes need to be made on the fly and so I believe its essential that players be able to tweak and change their own sticks and heads.


What are the best drills for enhancing your footwork, in your opinion?

I use a lot of ladders and hurdles along with agility based cone running. You want to emulate the game of lacrosse as much as possible when you work on footwork, so drills for me represent parts of the game that I identify as personal weaknesses or areas that need improving. Change of direction, first step speed and shuffling are just some of the things that I try and target.


What made you want to go to Stevenson University?

Stevenson University was a great fit for me coming across from Australia. The small community at Stevenson is very very helpful and cooperative and everyone from coaches through to teachers have the students and athlete’s best interests at heart. Coach Cantabene promised me a competitive lacrosse environment within a school that facilitated advanced academic learning. This is what I was looking for in a school which is why I chose to pursue Stevenson and become a Mustang!!


Were there any other schools you were thinking about, when looking at colleges?


Originally I was committed to Maryland to play as I was determined to follow in the footsteps of one of my biggest role models, Adam Sear, a very decorated Australian lacrosse player. Unfortunately I was deemed athletically ineligible by the NCAA clearinghouse to compete at the division 1 level and so this opportunity subsequently fell through.


What is an interesting fact about you that most people don't know?

An interesting fact that not a lot of people know about me is that I’m a licensed snake handler. When I was 18 years old I opted out of going straight to university and instead sought out a job working in the iron ore mines in the northwest of Western Australia. This is a very rural part of my country, full of different wildlife and animals. Snakes were very prevalent on the job sites and so I was encouraged to become familiar with handling wild snakes, which is how the license came about.

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