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"King of Customs", Sean Rooney of Lacrosse Unlimited', gives us a glimpse of his life as a stringer.

October 2, 2015


What got you into lacrosse?

Going to my older brother Jimmy’s practices that my dad coached since I was the age of five


What is the most amount of times you have restrung the same head?
Honestly, I remember stringing the same head a little over ten times.  It was a proton power OG.


•How was Lacrosse Unlimited started?
Back in 1990 it was founded by Joe DeSimone and Mike DeSimone (not related) just started stringing heads in college and it took off from there and now we have fifty stores


•How old were you when you starting stringing?

I was in 8th grade and my brother Jimmy worked at Lacrosse Unlimited before me and I was always so determined to learn how to just do it. He never taught me because he wanted me to learn on my own. I’m glad he did because I wouldn’t be where I am today.•What is the fastest time you have ever strung a stick?Fastest time strings cut and burned four minutes and forty-seven seconds. One day hopefully it’ll be Guinness Book of World Record


•What's was your very first stick?
My first stick was from Lacrosse Unlimited when I was six.  It was a custom dyed edge.  I don’t play anymore but I like all the heads.  The technology is very advanced.  They’re all great.  I don’t have a favorite. 


Your favorite player to string and dye for?
Justin, Vail, and Rob dye heads.  I just string them and I don’t have a favorite.  It’s just awesome to string for a lot of pros.  If I had to pick I’d say my former teammates Tom Schreiber and Will Manny. 

•How many professional players do you currently string and dye for?
I don’t know them all off the top of my head but I want to say at least a team worth. 


•Favorite dying project? What was it? Who was it for?
Favorite dying project was the man in the red bandana, Welles Crowther; he was a former Boston College player and worked in the World Trade Center.  It was for his parents and the Boston College USC game.  Boston College won the first red bandana game. 

 •Where do you see Lacrosse Unlimited in 10 years?

I see them as the world’s largest custom making Lacrosse Company.  I just want to grow the game and hopefully it will reach the NFL level some day.


If you could put a team together, with any pro players, who would be on it?
There are so many great lacrosse players out there.  I’ll give you my starting line up. 

•G-Sal Locasio

•D-John Gagliardi

•D-Pat McCabe

•D-Brian Spillina

•M-Tom Schreiber

•M-Gary Gait + Paul Gait

•M- Jesse Hubbard

•A-Lyle Thompson

•A-Casey Powell

•A-Mikey Powell + Willy Manny


•Those are all the guys I looked up to and watched when I was a kid, obviously not Tom and Willy. .


Thanks Lacrosse Hub for having me!

 Thank you Sean, for your time and sharing your craft with us! Keep up the great work!




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