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Answers & Advice from All American Goaltender & MLL Pro, Austin Kaut

October 14, 2015


What is like transitioning from college lacrosse to the MLL?


Transitioning from college to the MLL was difficult. MLL payers are more accurate and can shoot faster. The biggest piece to the transition is the 60-second shot clock. College had the timer on in my last two year but the 60-second shot clock on every possession makes a goalie see twice the amount of shot they would normally see in a collegiate game.



Every fan wants to know..."Have you ever scored as a goalie"?


I have not scored as a goalie. The closest I got was my sophomore year of college during a ten-man ride.  I threw the ball from right outside my crease and hit the post of the far goal.   


What is the best way to develop "Soft hands"?


Developing soft hands is a huge piece to finishing a save. If you do not have soft hand you tend to give up lots of rebounds. The best drill for developing soft hands is to get shot on with tennis balls. A tennis ball is a lot harder to keep in your stick when it hits the mesh. Practice finishing your saves this way to develop softer hands.  


Did you play another sports when you were younger, if so, how do you feel they helped you as a goalie?


When I was younger I played about seven sports such as football, wrestling, baseball, basketball, soccer, swimming, and of course lacrosse. Each sport taught me different things about one main idea that relates to all sports; Discipline.  Being disciplined in lacrosse is the difference between a shot that you tip and it goes in and the shot the you catch with ease and clear it out for a fast break the other way.


In your opinion, what is the recruiting process like?


The recruiting process in my opinion is an exciting but grueling time in a young players life. The moment you get your first letter or email or even make your first call to a coach is exhilarating. The process of visiting schools all the way up to signing an NLI is a fun and taxing because of the big decision you have at hand.  




Where you always a goalie, or did you play different positions, before deciding to become one?


I was an attack man until 7th grade when we didn’t have a consistent goalie. I was the slowest of the attack man so I got thrown in. I wasn’t my first choice of position but it has worked out in my favor. I wouldn’t change a thing.


What is the hardest shot to defend as a goalie?


Each goalie has a weakness, so it is tough to say what is the overall hardest shot to defend as a goalie. But if I had to say I think it is the off-stick hip because goalies argue on whether to go under or over to make that save.


What is your stick set up (head, mesh, shaft, etc.)?


Right now I have a Nemisis 2 with Jima Lax mesh and a Maverik A1 goalie shaft.


What drills help you become a better goalie?


One overall drill that is a great way to grow your game is named after one of the best goalies of all time; Brian Dougherty. The “Doc Drill” is when you stand 10 yards away from a cement wall and throw the ball against the wall and step to it and finish the save. You move closer to the wall every throw and step to work on reaction speed as well. The best way to become a better goalie is to get shot on as much as possible. In high school I had 6am practices on a hardwood gym floor. I saw about 500-1000 shots every Friday morning in the winter and fall and it made me become the goalie I am today.


Who is your biggest inspiration?


My biggest inspiration is my grandmother who passed away from a battle with cancer when I was going into high school. She was always supportive of me when I wasn’t very good at lacrosse and told me to stick with it and keep fighting just as she was.



What are your favorite meals to eat before & after games?


I am a huge chicken parm fan before games. After games it really depends on what I’m in the mood for but chicken tacos and guacamole is always a great option.




What is your favorite part about being a professional athlete?


My favorite part of being professional athlete is talking to the fans before and after the games. When I as younger I would get so excited when one of the players came over and said hi or signed an autograph. That feeling was something that can not be matched.

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