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Greg Kenneally (aka "ECD Greg"), talks stick set up, dream teams and when his hobby, turned into the business we all know and love, East Coast Dyes.

October 27, 2015


Is there an offical release date for the ECD focus handle?

Yes! The Focus handle releases on November 5th. We are very excited.


will there be a new mesh released anytime soon?

We are always working on developing new and better mesh products. Currently we have a 12D goalie HeroMesh in development but no set release date.


If could play on any MLL team, what team would it be and who would you want to have on your attack line

I would have to go with the hometown Bayhawks. As far as line mates I would pick Marcus Holman and Joe Walters. Those two dudes can rip.


your favorite lacrosse player of all time?

My favorite player of all time is Mark Millon. I had his poster on my wall in college.


what inspired you to make mesh?

During my senior year of college our turf field was condemned and we had to practice on a wet, muddle grass field all season. The entire year I battled with my traditional hard mesh as did the rest of my teammates. After I graduated I figured I could make something better and set out to creating a new mesh in our basement.


what is the first Lacrosse team you ever played on?

I started playing when I was 5. I played on a "softstick" team. This meant it was no contact and we used plastic sticks with plastic pockets.


stick setup? (head,Mesh,Shaft,Tape placement)

Right now I am using a Maverik Optik on a Focus Handle and another on a prototype handle. The Optiks are strung with HeroMesh + HeroStrings. You can find the tutorial for the pocket on youtube. I use a simple tape job - about 8" of tape at the butt end another thin ring where my top hand goes. I use some electrical tape to keep the ends down now. I picked this tip up from Brandon Benn.


If you could have a team ECD in the MLL and could draft any player , what players would you draft for each position?

G - Brian Phipps

D - Kyle Sweeney

   - Callum Robinson

    - Joe Fletcher

M - Kyle Harrison

    - Tom Schreiber

    - Peter Baum

A - Marcus Holman

    - Joe Walters

    - Jordan Wolf


why did you choose to go to Elizabeth college?

For starters it has a great academic program. I liked the small college atmosphere and feel and E-town only had around 2,000 students. It did not hurt that my twin brother, Mike, went there as well.


Will we see NCAA punishment picks again?'

For sure! Not sure who the cast will be but it should be even better than season 1.


How many current ECD athletes do you have?

Currently there are quite a few pro players that are representing our mesh products. Between the MLL and NLL there are at least 30 and even more we do not know about.


How many protypes were made before the final ECD Carbon was made?

We released our first Carbon handle in July of 2014. The product development started far before that. We had over a dozen structural prototypes and many more design prototypes before landing on the final model.


Most memorable Lacrosse moment from College to this day?

Personally it was getting married on May 1st this year. At work it was black Friday in 2012. We took over 800 orders in a single day on our website and spend the entire next week catching up. But it was a true turning point for our company.


when ECD was first getting started, did you ever imagine it being the face of Lacrosse?

When I first started ECD I did it as a hobby in what little free time I had. As it became more of a business I slept only a few hours a night to keep it going while working a full time job and going to graduate school. The reason it started then is the same reason we keep pushing it forward - we love the sport of lacrosse.

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