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In the Crease with Duke Midfielder, Myles Jones

October 30, 2015


Growing up, who was your biggest inspiration?

Growing up I always watch college midfield play and tried to emulate certain things that I saw. A few guys that I tried to model my game after were Kyle Harrison, Paul Rabil and Max Seibald. I feel like my game is a mesh between being a quick dodger, powerful shooter and at times a bruising downhill dodger.


When did you first realize Lacrosse was your passion?

I realized that lacrosse was my passion when I about 14 years old. I was in 9th grade and I couldn’t put my stick down for anything. I often found myself with my stick in the house, in the car and always excited for practice.


Do you have a certain Wall-Ball routine you like to follow?

I don’t usually play wall ball because we have a ton of guys on our team. I usually go out with a teammate and sling the ball around in a bunch of different ways. While overhand is the most efficient way to pass, having the skills to make passes in different ways will always come in handy.


Who is the toughest defensive player you ever had to go against?

The toughest defensive player that I’ve ever had to go against is definitely my former teammate Luke Duprey. He’s very tall and rangy and made me a better dodger and smarter play going against him everyday my sophomore year.


How do you feel about Duke partnering with STX this season?

I like the change. I’m a big fan of the new StallionU which I will be using this upcoming season. The equipment is very flexible while still protecting my body which is essential for a midfielder.


Current stick set-up?

Right now I’m using the StallionU 550 with hard mesh and a Stallion shaft. My tape job is pretty simple. I usually like my stick taped about halfway up the shaft so that I have a good grip when I shoot.


Why did you choose Duke? We're there other offers in the mix?

Duke was my number one choice by far because of the guys that were on the team and the coaching staff. Coach Danowski was very patient with me because he knew I was playing other sports and couldn’t visit campus. Coach Caputo reminds me a lot of my father, he’s very demanding of me and wants me to be nothing short of the best player in the country. UNC, Notre Dame and Virginia were in the mix.


In your opinion, what makes a great Lacrosse Player and Athlete?

A great lacrosse in my opinion is a very fearless player. A lot of guys I know believe in themselves and have confidence that they can make any play possible. That’s half the battles, if you believe you can do it then you can. Confidence can make a good player a great player and the same goes for being an overall athlete.


What team gets you the most fired up to play against?

No doubt playing UNC gets our guys fired up to play. Being so close and the sport of lacrosse being such a small community, you know the other guys. With that being said, there’s no friendship for 60 minutes.


Favorite pre-game meal?

Pregame meal usually consists of breakfast since we play the majority of our games in the early afternoon. I’m a big fan of scramble eggs, bacon, potatoes and fruit.


Favorite pre-game music?

Pregame music is usually something that gets me fired up like some Drake, Meek Mill, Jay-Z. Future and EDM


Do you have any pre-game rituals and/or superstitions?

I don’t really have any rituals or superstitions but I like to be right next to the pylon during the National Anthem.


Are we going to see Myles jones making MLL highlights next year?

We will definitely see Myles Jones running out on the field, hoping wearing the number 15 for whoever feels my talents can help their ball club.


If you could give one piece of advice to a young lacrosse player looking to follow in your foot steps, what would it be?

My advice to young players is to play multiple sports. I couldn’t be more thankful that my parents put me in soccer, football, and basketball. All of these sports helped me easily pick up lacrosse as a kid and have all helped my athletic IQ. My style of play is one that I can mesh all of the sports that I use to play into my game on the field. Its never a bad thing to pick up the stick in the off season and throw around or shoot but play other sports because it will make you a better athlete and a better lacrosse player.

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