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A glimpse into the life of Chesapeake Bayhawks, #39 Matt Mackrides.

November 15, 2015


What inspired you to pick up a Lacrosse Stick?


Growing up, I played as many sports as I possibly could. I have 3 older brothers who all played lacrosse. My Dad was extremely influential in us picking up the sport of lacrosse. In my mind, it combined all of the best elements of every other sport. Once I started playing, I liked it so much that I had to keep playing.


Growing up, was there a certain player you idolized, or that you would compare your current playing style off of? 


I idolized all three of my brothers. I went to as many of their games as possible. They were all great players in their own right. All-Americans in high school, and Team Captain’s in college at each school they went to. My game is derived from all three of their games and my style is a combination of the way they played.


Best Lacrosse moment in your career?


Tough one. I have been a part of so many great moments; State Championships, World Championships with USA, MLL Championships with the Bayhawks. I think the U19 World Championship in 2008 is still on top of the best moments in my career. I played with so many great players and any time you can put USA across your chest; you know its going to be special.


Weapon of choice? (Head,mesh,shaft,pocket type,tape placement)


Proton Power (P2)…String King Mesh…Stx Stallion Shaft…Mid Pocket…I have a knob at the bottom with about 6 inches of tape with two strips for my top hand when I shoot and a piece of green electrical tape on the bottom.


Best piece of advice you ever got?


Hustle and you can do no wrong 


Favorite wall ball spot and routine?


Spot would have to be my parents house on the stucko. It’s wear I learned most of my stick work. It’s a long routine. There is a reason all of the pro’s tell kids they coach to get on the wall. We all did it growing up and all continue to do it.


We're you a multiple sport athlete or focused strictly on Lacrosse?


I played every sport but hockey growing up. I wish I had played hockey too. I played baseball, football, basketball, soccer, and lacrosse.


Favorite spot to place the ball on cage?


Bottom right.


What is your career outside of the sport? 


I own and run a lacrosse training program in Pennsylvania called Blue Ox Lacrosse. I also am the operations manager at our Blue Ox Headquarters, Main Line Sports Center in Berwyn, PA. We rent out our facility to every sport.


If you could change and/or make up one rule for MLL, what would it be?


Wouldn’t change anything, maybe the ability to wear different sponsored footwear (Hint: Nike).


What do you think the most important exercise is, for an athlete to include in their work outs, during the off season?


Footwork. If you look at me. I’m not the biggest guy in the world; which means I have to evolve my game in different areas, namely “Change of Direction” and “Speed”. I would say there can never be too much footwork…i.e. ladder drills, cone drills, sprints, etc….


Do you string your own sticks?


I do sometimes, I recently have had different people string my sticks. I have changed my stick up a bit so I have one of my high school players I coach at Malvern Prep string my sticks.

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