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Florida Launch's Connor Buczek, gives us an inside look at Lacrosse, Life and the Launch.

November 26, 2015


Have you noticed if the college recruiting process has changed, from when you were recruited to Cornell?

I think there has been big changes in the recruiting time frame since I was being recruited but I don’t think much else has changed. Obviously everything is significantly more expedited in today’s recruiting world, but the coaches are still evaluating the same qualities in each player. They are looking for guys who are talented on the field and in the classroom and are a good fit for their system and their culture. 


If you could give one piece of advice to a midfielder, looking to follow in your footsteps and do big things, what would you tell them?

I would advise them to spend a lot of time working on their footwork and learning how to dodge effectively. Obviously any good midfielder should have good lacrosse skills such as shooting and feeding, but I think some of the finer points of dodging from the midfield often get overlooked. Mastering those skills and becoming a well rounded dodger will help propel a good midfielder to be a great midfielder. 



What does your off season training consist of?

In college we did a lot of circuit training and conditioning, so I have kept to that routine even after graduating. Everything we do in lacrosse revolves around being athletic and being in good shape so during  offseason training I focus a lot on explosive exercises and super setting most exercises so there is not much rest in between sets. 


Do you think There should be a two point arc in college?

I don’t think there should be a two point arc in college. Since getting to the MLL I have become a big fan of the arc but that makes a big difference in the game. I think it works well in the professional league, especially when paired with the shot clock, but the college game should stay the way it is currently. 


What is your current stick set up? (Head,shaft,mesh,tape placement, etc.)

Currently I use a StringKing Metal shaft, Super Power head, and StringKing Type 3X mesh. Then I usually tape about the bottom 1/3 of my shaft and finish with a tape knob at the end of my shaft to catch my hand. 


What is the reasoning behind using four stacked shooting strings?

I had trouble adjusting to the rule change that banned the “U” shooting string a few years ago. I tried a variety of different combinations and that was the first thing that worked so I have stuck with it ever since. 


Do you string your own sticks?

I don’t string my own sticks anymore. At one point in my career I did, but Coach Milliman is our resident stick doctor at Cornell, so I have him string all of my sticks. 


What was your favorite college memory, from playing with "The Big Red”?

My favorite college memory was playing in the Final Four my sophomore year. Growing up as a young kid playing lacrosse, you dream of playing on Memorial Day weekend in front of the big crowds. Even though that game didn’t go as we would’ve hoped, it was still an incredible experience and one that I’ll never forget. 


Favorite wall ball spot? ​

Without a doubt, my favorite wall ball spot is the parking garage behind Schoellkopf Field at Cornell. It is right outside our locker room, so it is a convenient spot that has a great surface to play wall ball on. 


Do you have a certain wall ball routine that you like to follow?

I like to mix up my wall ball routine but always incorporate a lot of touches with my right and left hand, both normally and using one hand at a time. After that, any touches are good touches. I like to get creative with my routine and have some fun with it. 


Who or what inspired you to play Lacrosse?

My dad was the person who got me started playing lacrosse and from there I fell in love with the sport. There were so many people and coaches who inspired me to continue playing lacrosse and contributed to my success down the line. I think it’s great how many players give back and teach young players because of the experience they had growing up. 


Who would you say has been your #1 supporter throughout the years?

My parents have always been my #1 supporters over the years. Whether things were going well or things were going poorly, they were always there to encourage me and give me the support I needed to keep doing what I loved to do. 



Check out this out....Beautiful art created for Connor Buczek from Jim Fenzel



To see more of Jim's work go to

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