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The 6'5 Canadian lefty, Mark Matthews talks performance, preferences and patterns

December 30, 2015

Mark Matthews, Saskatchewan Rush forward #42 and Denver Outlaws Attackman #72 



Where would you like to see the next MLL/NLL team?  I would to see a team in Chicago or Arizona for both Mll and Nll. 


How would you compare Lacrosse in Canada vs. USA? Box dominant vs field dominant. More competitive leagues and places to play. 


Since you seem to dominate, both indoor and outdoor,  which do you prefer playing/like better? I prefer playing box. I grew up on the game and for me 10/10 I'm choosing box. 


What's the biggest difference between box and field lacrosse? Besides the obvious differences of number of people and smaller surfaces I main difference for me is the mentality of the players.  People in Canada play the game of box play it a lot differently than field lacrosse.  Hard to explain. 


What is one piece of advice you would give to a player, looking to follow in your footsteps? Play the game for the love of it and not because people want you to or you think your good. I played it my whole life with friends who loved to play. There was never any time I felt people were telling me to pick my stick up. 


What is your current stick setup for the Saskatchewan Rush season? (Head, mesh, shaft, pocket, mesh, and tape placement etc.) I use a UA charge hs with east coast hero mesh. I use a generic under armour shaft just has to be light. And I tape my stick a candy cane pattern all the way up.


What part of Canada did you grow up in? I grew up in eastern Canada in a city called Oshawa.  Half hour east of Toronto. 


When you made the, "Big Leagues", did you imagine being such a successful player? Having a hatrick, In your very first NLL game, is pretty amazing! I was lucky when I got into the league to play with so many people that I had played with prior to the NLL. I was out in a position to succeed right away and I'm looking forward to the rest of my career 


Everyone wants to know.. What's is your personal stringing pattern for your sticks? I string my stick based on how it feels for me. I don't know any pattern types or numbered mesh patterns. I've strung my own sticks my whole life and change things up based on heads and the holes on the head. I try to tell kids to do the same and create there own pockets and way of feeling the ball. Not based on how myself or any other pro player strings them. 


What would you say was your biggest accomplishment, or proudest moment so far,  in your lacrosse career? I would have to say representing my country and capturing the world field championship followed by the NLL champions cup. It was a very fun few months and really hope I can do it all again. 


Were you a multiple sport athlete growing up, or did you focus strictly on perfecting your craft? I was a multi sport athlete. I played a lot of hockey in the winters and lacrosse in the summers.  Neither of the two were ever mixed and I feel that helped my lacrosse game. It made the summers more valuable and wanting to be there best during those seasons was why I feel I compete when the time comes. By here was never a time I wasn't fully committed to each sport or each game. 


Can you give us one personal goal that  you would like to achieve for the 2016  season?  I would like to stay healthy and help my team win. 


So great learning more about you and your career, Mark...Keep living the dream!


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