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Dreams come true for hardworking, Duke Midfielder, Deemer Class

April 15, 2016


Who would you say your lacrosse role model is?

I don’t have one specifically but I would certainly say that I look up to a lot of the older players from the Duke program that I either have played with or were before my time here. 


What is your current stick set up (head, mesh, shaft, pocket & tape placement, etc.?

I use a STX Stallion (grey or black preferably) with a black Stallion Sc Ti shaft. I use East Coast Semi-soft mesh with two shooters across and a nylon on top of that. I tend to like a mid to high pocket. For tape I’ve been placing a small bit towards the throat of the head for my top hand while cradling and then I tape from the bottom to almost halfway up the shaft. I like a decent sized thin donut at the end of the stick for hand placement.  


Most memorable goal (one that really got the "crowd loud"?

In the NCAA semi-finals vs. Denver, I scored a goal from top center off of pick action. Hitting that shot in front of all those fans in my hometown was really special. 


What advice would you give, to a high school athlete, looking to get recruited to a good school?

I would focus on the process. There is a lot that coaches look for and that goes into recruiting. It isn’t all about skills because those can be developed. I would work to keep improving as a player, a teammate and a student because you can only control what you can control. Lastly, I would enjoy high school and the seasons you get to spend with your friends because you will never get those times back. 



Did you always imagine that you would be where you are today, playing lacrosse at he highest level?


It was always a dream of mine, especially growing up watching high school and college games in Baltimore. I didn’t have any expectations about schools or Division 1 because nobody before me in my family had played lacrosse. After high school hit it became a little more real when I started getting recruited but once I committed and came to school my freshman year, it was a dream come true. 


What does a typical day look like for your during the season?


I usually have class in the morning so sometimes I’ll shoot either before or after depending on the class schedule. Then get treatment if needed and then we practice midday. Some days I have class after practice as well and then besides that, either eating meals, studying or hanging out with my teammates at night.



What is your proudest achievement to date, in your lacrosse career?


Definitely winning two NCAA championships with my teammates.



How do you manage your school work with lacrosse?


It’s certainly an adjustment but we have a great support staff to help with that. A college schedule actually gives you more free time than in high school so as long as you can plan things out some, and not procrastinate too much, it usually works out.


What does your daily wall ball routine consist of?

The number of reps always changes but I try work left and right regular motion, then move in to quick stick. As I progress I tend to catch and switch hands and throw quickly, and then work on lever passes, behind the backs and under hand with both hands to work on all angles. 


Do you have any Pregame rituals, or superstitions, that you feel you must do in order to play well?


I am not too superstitious but our trainer Jay Bissette always hands me a new ball before the game starts so I can get a few passes in and make sure my stick is ready to go. 



What is one personal goal for your first season in the MLL, playing for the Atlanta Blaze?

It would simply be to help the team win any way I can.


What was your first reaction when you found out you would be playing with Myles Jones again?

Definitely pumped. The opportunity to get to continue playing with Myles and Case Matheis is exciting and I’m really

happy with how it worked out.


How do you feel your long standing relationship with Myles, might benefit the Blaze, if at all?

We understand each other mentally and each other’s playing styles and I think we both know what each other is thinking or trying to do and I think that has really benefited us in our 4 years at Duke and will continue to do so.


What artist, or type of music gets you pumped up before a game? 

Kickstart My Heart by Motley Crue and Blink-182 are my favorite to listen to pre game. 


Tell us something about Deemer Class, that people might be surprised to know....

Although I played guard in high school, I would definitely say my favorite basketball player is James Worthy.





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