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In The Crease: featuring John Hopkins Midfielder, John Crawley

May 8, 2016


Does Ryan Brown cut your hair?  -Deemer Class -Duke Midfielder & Atlanta Blaze Draftee

Yes, Ryan Brown does cut my hair


What are your thoughts on becoming a junior captain, as you had the opportunity to become one this year? 

As a young guy, I looked up to Michael Pellegrino (the last junior captain for JHU), and it is an honor to be regarded by my teammates the same way we all looked up to him by being named a captain this year. A lot more responsibility definitely comes with the position but I enjoy it.


What is a typical day like for you at Johns Hopkins?

A typical day starts with classes. In between classes I usually spend

my time up at the Cordish center, hanging out in the locker room with my buddies or shooting around on the field. Then practice starts around 3pm every day. When we finish up people usually get some extra work in, whether it be a lift, shooting, wall ball etc. Then we try to find a spot to eat dinner and then usually ends in the library trying to get your work done. 


What is one tip you could give high school players going thru the recruiting process?

My biggest tip for a kid going through the recruiting process is to relax... With a brother going through it all right now, I know how stressful it could be if you are getting in to the later years of high school and you aren't being recruited the way you wanted to be. My biggest tip is to continue to work hard in the weight room, on the wall, and on your own to get better at your game. Recruiting has a weird way of figuring itself out if you are willing to put in the work to get better every day. 


What is your current stick set up (Head, shaft Mesh, pocket & tape placement, etc)

I currently use a Stallion U... I think. Have been using the same set up since the Fall (I don't really like to change too much about my stick once I get used to it.) 


Do you string your own sticks? What do you look for in a pocket?

Yes I string my own sticks and I like to have my pocket sit a bit on the higher side, with somewhat of a channel to generate some hold.


Who was your favorite player to watch, growing up and why?

Growing up I used to love to watch Mikey Powell videos. Unfortunately, I never turned out to be very quick so I can't really dodge the way he did... I kind of liked to watch any highlight tape or game growing up. 


Do you have any advice for a great, "on the run" shot?

My advice for a great on the run shot is to drill it as much as possible. I try as hard as I can to bring my shots overhand, but I believe people have different styles of shooting / playing and none are better than others... If you can practice it so many times that you know it will go in - it works for me. Honestly, watch Ryan Brown, or Paul Rabil shoot on the run and try to emulate it- watching is the best way to learn- but drilling as much as possible is the way to become successful. 


What is your daily wall ball routine?

I change up my wall ball routine... It's never set in stone. I like to play at least 30 minutes 3 times a week- some weeks more than others. I like using a tennis ball to work on having softer hands, and like to eliminate cradling as much as possible.


What is the best piece of advice you ever received?

The best piece of advice I ever received is that you get out of things what you put into them. 


What are some of the songs in your pregame playlist?

I'm big into country music, so I usually listen to that until the hour before I play where I usually ramp it up in the direction of rap. An absolute staple for any pre-game playlist, however, is Levels by Avicii. 


How have you seen yourself evolve personally, since you've been playing lacrosse? 

I guess the biggest thing lacrosse has taught me is to love what you do, and love working hard at what you do


How do you manage school, lacrosse, personal life, etc.?

Managing school / lacrosse / social life is actually easier than you would think here at Hopkins... You just have to be disciplined enough to figure out what you have time for. A typical day starts with classes. In between classes I usually spend



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