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In The Crease: featuring Ohio Machine Midfielder, Kyle Harrison

July 6, 2016


How did you first get introduced to the sport of lacrosse?

My father played! So, once I could walk, he gave me a stick and that was that. Haven't put it down since. 


How do you feel about acquiring John Grant Jr. to the Ohio Machine and how do you feel he will benefit the team?

Having the opportunity to add one of the best players of all time at this point in the season is huge. Jr has won at every level and instantly makes our offense even more dangerous. His finishing ability & passing ability fit perfectly into our offense. 


What's your current stick set up?

STX Stallion head (OG) on an STX Stallion handle, with STX Memory Mesh. 


Do you string all your own sticks or have someone who knows exactly what you like? 

Nope, no idea how to string a stick unfortunately. I wish I would have learned when I was a little guy, just never did for some reason. I've got someone who strings all my sticks for me exactly how I like them. I usually travel to a game with 4, in case something goes wrong (breaks, sidewall bust, etc). They're all the exact same. 


What do you look for in your pockets?

A nice mid/high level pocket and moderate/low whip. 


How do you tape your sticks?

Nothing crazy or exciting here unfortunately. I just create a nice lil end cap where I choke up on my stick at the bottom. I've ALWAYS choked up on my stick, but, it wasn't until 2 years ago that I finally gave in and decided to tape where I choke up. Smh. 


What items would we find in your gear bag? 

Currently you'd find a few limited sample pairs of gloves I've been working on with STX over the last few months. I'll be slowly wearing them over the next few weeks to test them out. Beats headphones, Deep Blue Rub (shout out to Greg Bice), peppermint oil (shout out Anthony Kelly), a couple back up Stallion heads & handles, some Adrenaline socks, Donjoy Ankle sleeves for my wack ankles, my shark (to cut off ankle tape) from my SR year at Hop, foam roller, AcuMat, and all kinds of Machine practice apparel. 


Achieving so much throughout your career, what drives you to wake up every morning looking to get better?

I truly love the game and am thankful for all that I've gotten to be apart of because of it. From attending Hopkins, to representing our country, I've been so fortunate to have the experiences that I've had. As far as what keeps me going, it's no different than any other athlete, a strong desire to reach my potential as a player and leader. I don't want to look back 20 years from now and think "I wish I would have worked harder." Once this part of my career is over (the playing), I'll never get a chance to play at this level again. So, while you've got the opportunity, you've got to work as hard as you can, and enjoy it. Thats my focus. Enjoy the entire process. The competition, the work, the rehab, the training, the wins, the losses because it certainly doesn't last forever. 


Most memorable goal? One that really got the crowd loud.

I've never been a huge goal scorer, but I've got a few that stick out in my head as favorites. In college I scored a big one coming out of a rain delay against UVA in the Final Four our senior year that tied the game. Professionally, in 2014 I scored a game winner against Denver in OT after 4 years off of playing in the MLL which was a big one for me. Internationally, in 2006 in my first game against Canada in pool play I scored a big one in the 4th quarter to get us going which I'll always remember. 


Do you have any pregame rituals or superstitions?  

I say a pre game prayer before I put on my jersey and once I take the field. 


What's one piece of advice you would give to a midfielder looking for success of the filed and to follow in your footsteps? 

Commit to the process! All of it! The film, the training, the nutrition, the wall ball, the extra shooting, the practice, the recovering, ALL OF IT! 


What does your weekly workout regimen consist off? 

Well, I pulled my groin in game 5, so my training has changed drastically as it's been focused on getting that muscle better and strengthening everything around it. With something line a groin pull, rest and staying off of it is the most important thing so it actually has time to recover fully, so, with my personality thats been difficult. Shooting/planting/rotating on that right leg has been a bit of a process to get back to full strength, but as of last game (Bayhawks), it feels pretty close to normal and should be at 100% by next game. 


Is there any special collaborations coming up between k18 x STX. If so, could the Lacrosse Hub fans get a little hint? 

This year is officially my 10 year anniversary of being partnered with STX, so we've got a few cool projects in the works. Can't give too much away though, unfortunately. Stay tuned!


What is your daily wall ball routine? 

I don't have an exact routine, rather I try and spend about 15-20 mins on the wall and make sure I throw the ball at a number of different release points. With how fast the MLL game moves so fast that you don't always have the time to make a perfect overhand pass. Sometimes you've got to throw sidearm, underhand, or behind the back to get the ball where it needs to go, so, I try and incorporate that all into my time on the wall. 


Best piece of advice you have ever received?

Enjoy the process. There will always be ups in downs in everything we do, just got to learn to enjoy it all. 


What's one thing most people would be surprised to know about Kyle Harrison?

I love folding laundry. 



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