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Even great players use, "gross sticks", sometimes. Curtis Dickson answers questions from the fans.

January 8, 2016


Who is your redhead, celebrity crush? - Logan Schuss, Vancouver Stealth Forward/Ohio Machines, Atatckman.

Well with "Hot Rod",  being one of my all time favourite movies, I have to go with Isla Fisher, great question Logan. 


Best moment playing at Delaware?

Definitely playing in the Final 4 my freshman year. I think it is still the highest attended lacrosse game ever at 52,000, that was a pretty awesome experience. 


What is your, "go to" dodge?

I'd have to go with the underneath roll dodge to the crease dive, at least it's the one I attempt the most often. 


What is your current stick set up (head, shaft, tape placement, mesh, etc.)?

I use a UA Vital head, UA shaft, East Coast Dyes semi soft hero mesh, and I tape my stick from the bottom all the way up to about 6 inches below the head. 


How you would describe your pocket?

Gross, no matter who I talk to in the league they tell me I have an awful stick. It's a low pocket with two shooting strings straight across at the top. Hey whatever works, right?


Can you share a memorable moment, from your lacrosse career?

Definitely winning gold medals with Team Canada in Denver and Syracuse the last two years. Any time you have an opportunity to represent your country is such a huge honour and being able to win gold both times was pretty incredible.  


Where is your favorite spot to place the ball?

Low to high top left. 


What is your typical workout regimen during the season & off?

I play 10 months out of the year so I'm pretty much always in season. I try and get to the gym 3-4 times a week and work on mostly cardio and footwork, also mixing in some lifting. For younger kids I would recommend keeping your stick in your hands as much as possible working on your stick, find a wall and play wall ball. 


What is one piece of advice you would give to a player looking to be a dominant forward, like yourself?

Like I said before always be working on your stick skills. That being said do not just focus solely on lacrosse. I grew up playing lacrosse, hockey, baseball and soccer. I really believe not just playing lacrosse all year round helped me out in the long run. 


What is a personal goal for you and your team' and this 2016 season?

Personal goal for myself would be to get to 50 goals this year, I came up short last year of that mark. As for the team the goal is always win a championship. 


What do you feel makes a successful player?

Dedication. Constantly working to get better and never being satisfied. 


Can you tell us something about yourself that people might be surprised to learn?

I live in Calgary and HATE the snow and the cold. It is snowing  and cold here about 10 months of the year. 



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