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In The Crease: Featuring Ohio Machine Midfielder, Patrick Kelly

July 8, 2017


How did you get introduced to lacrosse?

My dad (and basically my entire family) introduced me to lacrosse the day I was born.


What’s the first 90 minutes of your day look like?

I am currently working on research at Shock Trauma so I usually wake up early, put on scrubs and go to morning rounds.


Growing up were your a multi-sport athlete or focused strictly on lacrosse?

I played all kinds of sports until high school and then I began focusing just on lacrosse (mostly because I wasn't good enough to play basketball at Calvert Hall).


What's your current stick setup for the 2017 Major League Lacrosse season?


I use a ECD Mirage with ECD Hero2.0 mesh and I use whatever warrior shaft the Machine give me.


How do you tape your sticks? I usually just tape a big butt end on the bottom and tape for my bottom hand.


What do you look for in your pockets?


I look for good hold and a little whip.


Do you string your own sticks or do you have someone else?

Greg Kenneally from ECD strings all my sticks.


What would we find in your gear bag? Never have been a big equipment guy so once again whatever the Machine give me I use (so all Warrior and New Balance gear).


How do you feel the recruiting process has changed since you have been recruited to UNC?

It has gotten younger and younger since I committed but it will be very interesting to see how this new recruiting rule will effect the process. I have a feeling the coaches will find a loop hole and continue to recruit young high schoolers.


What drove to to UNC?

Were there other offers in the mix? My dad, mom, 2 uncles, aunt and cousin all went there and played lacrosse and football so I have always loved UNC and when they gave me the offer I couldn't resist. I didn't even really look at any other schools.


What does your weekly workout regimen consist of?

I workout with Coach Jay Dyer on the weekdays and do whatever he tells me to.  He is the best in the business and I have been working out with him since 9th grade.


What’s a workout every guy should be doing (but which few are)?

Not sure about the frequency most kids are working out but regardless the most important thing for an offensive player to do is wall ball.


What was the toughest moment in your life? How’d it shape you?

I fractured my back freshman year of college and that set me back for a solid 2 years. Dealing with the rehab of that injury and continuing to persevere through that so that I could have a big senior season was tough but taught me the great lesson of perseverance 


Favorite pregame/post meal?

Chicken parm for both


What is your career outside of the sport?

I am currently a 1st year Medical Student at University of Maryland


What's the best piece of advice you have ever received? 

Lacrosse isn't everything.  There is a lot more to life than shooting a ball in a net.


What's the best piece of advice you could give to a young Midfielder looking to have success on the field?

Work hard and do the little things right while you practice.


Most memorable play and/or goal throughout your career?

Tying goal in the national championship against Maryland is probably my most important but I'll never forget scoring the winning goal in OT against Duke my senior year.


Can you describe the feeling of suiting of for your very first professional game with the Florida Launch? It was an interesting mix of nerves and trying to not let the moment overtake me. I was just out there trying not to screw up.


What’s your favorite thing to do outside of the sport?

Being at the beach


What's one personal goal and one overall team for the 2017 major league lacrosse season with the Ohio Machine?

I think championships are always the goal so that's what I want to do. I would like to play in every game this seasons culminating in a championship.


Are you superstitious?

No but I am a little stitious


Do you have any pregame rituals?

I take a shower before every game in the locker room before warm ups.


Where do you see the MLL in the next ten years?

Hopefully as a top 4 sports league in the country


What motivates you to get up everyday and get better?

I love what I do (both playing lacrosse and working to practice medicine)


Who's the Biggest character on the Ohio Machine?

Scott Rodgers, he loves his supplements.


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