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In The Crease: feauturing Florida Launch Attackman, Ryan Drenner

July 29, 2017


How did you get introduced to lacrosse?

My uncle introduced me to lacrosse when I was 4. I played in softstick (the old STX plastic gym class lacrosse stick) league and have been playing ever since.


What’s the first 90 minutes of your day look like?

The first 90 minutes of my day are pretty different than the average 22 year old. My son will usually wake me up around 7:30. We’ll hang out for a bit then take a walk to the market down the street to pick up so groceries. When I get back I'll make some breakfast for the fam and then see where the day goes from there.


Growing up we're your a multi-sport athlete or focused strictly on lacrosse?

Growing up I played soccer, basketball, baseball, and lacrosse. I stopped playing baseball once I became more involved with lacrosse but I played soccer, basketball, and lacrosse in high school.


What's your current stick setup for the 2017 Major League Lacrosse season?


Right now I use an ECD Mirage with Hero 2.0


How do you tape your sticks? 

 I don't like to use a lot of tape. I just tape a pretty small knob a couple inches from the bottom of the shaft and then just one layer of tape underneath. What do you look for in your pockets? - I like a nice channel in my pocket that provides hold while not having too much whip. I like the ball to sit well in the bottom of the head when I'm carrying but move higher towards the shooters when I'm looking to feed or shoot to give me a quick release.


Do you string your own sticks or do you have someone else?

I learned how to string my own heads in middle school by watching YouTube videos and have been stringing my own heads ever since.


What would we find in your gear bag?

So I've been rocking my team issued brine gloves and elbow pads, cascade S helmet, my gamer and a couple back ups, and my new balance freeze cleats and a game used ball from my first game in case I ever come across a wall that's asking for some work.


How do you feel the recruiting process has changed since you have been recruited to Towson?

In high school I wasn't too involved in the recruiting process. As a public school guy in Maryland I wasn't heavily recruited but coach Gilardi at Towson was great at recruiting me to Towson. I think the major difference in the recruiting game now is the advancement of the club teams. There are tons of club teams that are getting their players playing in front of a lot of great coaches which allows guys to have multiple options to choose from.


What drove to to Towson? Were there other offers in the mix?

I think the biggest thing that drove me to Towson was the culture the coaching staff was looking to build. They want guys with a chip on their shoulder that are looking to work hard every day to really prove themselves and the university. Another thing that really helped was that Towson is only about 40 minutes from my parents house so I could always go back home whenever I was in the need for a home cooked meal or had some overdue laundry. Like I said earlier I didn't get too many college looks coming out of high school, Towson was the only school I visited and the only school to extend an offer my way.


What does your weekly workout regimen consist of?

 I'm big on stretching so a lot of my workouts start out with a big stretch. I like to work out my body evenly so every time I workout I make sure to work both legs and upper body every time. I love a good hamstring and hip workout along with a nice shoulder routine. Always gotta finish with a gun show to work on the bi’s and tri’s.


What’s a workout every guy should be doing (but which few are)?

I think every lacrosse player should integrate other sports into their workout routine. I've always loved playing basketball and I think both basketball and lacrosse have a lot of similarities so I would definitely suggest getting out and playing pick up basketball every once in a while which will help with conditioning too.


What was the toughest moment in your life? How’d it shape you?

I think any time someone goes through adversity or some sort of defeat you always come out of that situation a little stronger. I think personally the toughest moment in my life was losing my grandfather while I was in high school. It was tough for our whole family but it helped me realize the importance of family which has made me a better man. In sports I think losing my first state championship in high school gave me that hunger to come back the following year and eventually redeem ourselves.


Favorite pregame/post meal?

I can eat pretty much anything before a game and be okay to go. Anything from a large #1 from chic fil a to a nice plate of pasta works for me. Post game I like to recover with a lot of liquids and a nice home cooked meal. I'm a huge fan for anything my mom is cooking post game.


What is your career outside of the sport?

At the moment I'm a full time lacrosse player and father.


What's the best piece of advice you have ever received? 

I've had a lot of great mentors in my life that have passed on a lot of knowledge but I think the best piece of advice I've ever received would be to never give up on a dream. If you're taking the time to dream of something and it's important to you, you should always work as hard as you can every day to make yourself better and to put yourself in a position to achieve that goal.


What's the best piece of advice you could give to a young Attackman looking to have success on the field?

I know it's cliche but honestly the best thing I could say to a young attackman is to work hard, hit the wall as much as you can, and to keep your stick in your hands all the time. Growing up I had the stick in my hands all the time running through the hallways in my house and bouncing the ball off of anything I could find.


Most memorable play and/or goal throughout your collegiate career?

The most memorable play in my college career was watching my defense make the final stop to seal the deal on the first CAA championship I was a part of. Looking back I think the most memorable goal I've had was against Denver in the NCAA tournament my junior year. I picked the ball up off the end line and got a step on one of the best defenseman I've played against and buried what would end up to be the game winner.


Can you describe the feeling of suiting of for your very first professional game with the Florida Launch?

Suiting up for the Launch for the first time was a really awesome experience. As a young kid playing in the MLL was something I had always dreamed about so putting on that Launch jersey and going out to battle with some of the best players in our game was just a really unforgettable experience.


What was your reaction to scoring your very first MLL goal? Any cellys?

So my first goal was just kind of a quick stick on the pipe. I didn't really do much on the play, just kind of crept up from X and found a seam on the pipe and Buszcek made an unbelievable pass down to me that I finished. I don't think I had too much of a celly, maybe a little point to my boy Buszcek for making the play happen.


Can you explain what the "1 ship" award is by the Florida Launch?

Yeah so the 1ship trophy is kind of like the unsung hero or the game MVP. The captains give it out to a guy they feel really put their all out on the field and put the team in the best opportunity to win the game. As a recipient of the 1ship award you carry around the trophy with you every where you go that week then take a couple pictures with it and post it up on social media.


What’s your favorite thing to do outside of the sport? 

Outside of playing sports my favorite thing to do is definitely hang out with my son and his mother. It's awesome to be able to spend so much time with him and really watch his personality develop and to see him grow every day. Aside from that I don't really do too much that's not sport related. I like to play a little Xbox here and there. My biggest games are NHL and Call of Duty.


What's one personal goal and one overall team for the 2017 major league lacrosse season with the Florida Launch? 

I would say a personal goal is to get at least one point in all of the games I play in. Unfortunately I've had a scoreless game but I'm not too upset about it, I'm definitely way more worried about getting wins than any other personal goal of mine. As a team I'd definitely like to see us go to the playoffs and eventually win a championship.


Are you superstitious?

I'm not a big superstitious guy I try not to think about that kind of stuff too much. Do you have any pregame rituals?

Before every game I like to shower, brush my teeth, and clip my fingernails. I don't know where that ritual came from but I just like feeling clean going into the opening faceoff.

Where do you see the MLL in the next ten years?

In the next ten years I can definitely see the MLL being the next big league in the states. I think the timing of our season lines up well. It's during the summer so a lot of young guys can make it out to a lot of the games. There's a lot of great lacrosse players in the league now and coming out of college so the competition and level of play will be the best it's ever been in the next ten years.


What motivates you to get up everyday and get better?

Being a father has definitely given me a reason to wake up every day and work to be a better man and role model for him each day.


Who's the Biggest character on the Florida Launch?

Austin Kaut is by far the biggest character. He's always having a good time and getting the good vibes going.


What's one thing most people would be surprised to know about Ryan Drenner?

I’m a pretty simple guy. There's not much to me that people can't pick up after meeting me a couple times. I guess one thing that might strike some people as a little surprising is that I love a nice rom com here and there.

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