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In The Crease: featuring Rochester Rattlers Faceoff Specialist, Drew Simoneau

October 23, 2017

How did you get introduced to lacrosse? 

I was in 5th grade during wrestling season and I was walking into school behind one of my friends who was talking with a teacher at the school. Next thing I know the teacher turns around and says “Drew! I bet you would love lacrosse!” I had never heard of it before. Our town was in the process of adding lacrosse as a sport in our high school and youth leagues and they were looking to bring in more kids. I attended the information session and had our first practice that spring and fell in love right away. 


What does the first 90 minutes of your day look like? 

I usually wake up around 5 or 530. I have a cup of coffee, make lunch and breakfast, shower, drive to work and usually see my first patient of the day at 7:00am. 


Growing up we're your a multi-sport athlete or focused strictly on lacrosse? 

I had always played hockey growing up. I learned how to skate when I was about 2 or 3 and had played it all the way through high school. I was big into wrestling until I had to choose between wrestling and hockey going into high school. I dabbled with baseball when I was younger but never really enjoyed it. I also played one year of football in high school. It wasn’t until high school (about sophomore year) when I really started getting serious about lacrosse and playing all year around. 


Growing up who was your biggest inspiration? 

My dad was an inspiration for me growing up. He went to college later in life and ended up getting his dream job in which he is one of the best in his position in the country. Definitely taught me the value of hard work. 


What’s your current stick setup? 

currently I am using the STX duel Head and Shaft with with either east coast dyes mesh or string king (I cannot remember which). 


How many sticks did you go through this past season? 

I believe I went through 3 heads during games, but broke a few more practicing. 


How do you tape your stick? 

I do three separate bands (All about 6 inches ish). The first is close to the throat of the head, the second is where my left hand is on face-offs, and the third is at the bottom of the shaft. I like a little pit of a bitt end so I usually usually go half strip width almost all the way on the bottom of the shaft. 


What do you look for in your pockets? 

I usually like a mid to low pocket so that way the ball is less likely to come out after I pick up a ground ball. 


Do you string your own stick or have someone else string it for you?

I string all my own sticks. 


What would we find in your gear bag? 

I currently have the Rochester Rattlers cascade R helmet, STX defensive elbows, and the brine clutch elite gloves, new balance freeze cleats, my stretching band, my face-off band, and a foam roller. 


Why did you choose to play D3 lacrosse at Nazareth? 

When I was growing up I always wanted to go to medical school. I also wanted to play D1 lacrosse, however, as I went through high school I realized that neither of them would be possible for me. I got a call my Junior year from one of the coaches at Nazareth at the time and when I went up to visit I fell in love with it. It was a smaller school which I liked and I was introduced to the Physical Therapy field there as a possible major. Even though I knew I was never going to go to medical school this was the next best thing and I was also able to play lacrosse. It was the best of both worlds and best fit for me. 


Describe the organization of a typical Rattlers practice. 

Usually we get to practice and have a few minutes before practice to warm/shoot on our own. Then we go through a dynamic warm up then get the fundies in. Then we will do chalk talk and work through a few drills to get ready for the game. 


What does your weekly workout regimen consist of? 

I will workout 5 or 7 days a week usually 3 weight lifting days, and 2-4 cardio days. I always spend 20 minutes stretching before and always run 1-2 miles before every workout. 


What's a workout every guy should be doing but few are? 

Incline treadmill sprints (I have a love hate relationship with them). Also, rotator cuff and shoulder maintenance (flexibility/strength). 


Describe and give examples of your role as a role model for the players or your team and others.

I don’t believe I am a role model on the team. I just come each day with a chip on my shoulder ready to work. There are a lot of guys on our Rattlers squad who are considered role models and who I learn from each day. For me, I just want to prove to myself that I belong on the field with them. 


Describe the organization of you bench during games? 

Our bench is just like any other I believe, except we have Coach W running the box. When I am not on the field I am usually found at the end of the bench with Blaze next to me “here we go 1-0!” 


What was the toughest moment in your life? How’d it shape you? 

I would say the toughest moment in my life was my first year of graduate school. I had two jobs working for the college on top of coaching on the side to make money to pay for food/gas all of that with my full time doctorate coursework and getting ready to try out my rookie year for the Rattlers. That year taught me a lot about the value of prioritizing my obligations, upholding commitments, putting all your effort into something to make sure you finish it, and the value of free time. 


Favorite pregame/post meal? 

I usually like to eat pasta 2 nights before a game and the night before consisting of a sandwich, fruit, and water. I do not have a particular favorite food to eat post game. 


Whats the best piece of advice you ever received? 

Set your goals high and have high expectations for yourself


What's the best piece of advice you could give to a young Faceoff Specialist looking to have success at the X? 

Play all sides of the ball! don’t just be good a good face-off man be a great lacrosse player. 


The most memorable play throughout your career? 

My goal this past summer in the All-Star game and just being at the all star game, something I wont ever forget. 


What's one personal goal and one overall team goal for the 2018 season with the Rochester Rattler?



Are you superstitious? 

I am not particularly superstitious. I just like a routine pregame to keep me focused. 


Do you have any pregame rituals? 

I like to be the first one tapped so I am out of the way and the other guys can get the treatment they need. 


What motivates you to get up every day and get better? 

Knowing that there is someone else better than me. Thinking about what other people might be doing that day that I am not. 


Who is the biggest character on the Rattlers? 

We have a lot of guys. I do find myself cracking up a lot at what Wolf says. Also, our group chat gets hysterical at times. 


What are your top five songs on your pregame playlist? 

I dont really listen to a playlist anymore. In college I was big into it but I usually just listen to what DJ Blaze puts on the speaker. 


Whats your career outside of the sport? 

I graduated this spring with my Doctorate of Physical Therapy. Currently I am working as a traveling physical therapist in Alabama until December. 


Where do you see the MLL in the Next 10 years? 

I have high hopes for the sport. I think that it holds a lot of value and I believe that people would love to watch it. I think that its popularity still growing we will begin to see it to continue to expand and hopefully gain more notoriety amongst major networks and bring more fans to the games. 


Whats your favorite thing to do outside of the sport? 

I love to hike. Unfortunately I have not had the opportunity to do much of it the past couple years in school but I plan to pick it back up soon! 


Whats the one thing most people would be surprised to know about Drew Simoneau? 

In high school I was a back stage manager for a play in our schools theatre. 



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