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In The Crease: featuring Ohio Machine Midfielder, Mike Perrino

April 10, 2018


How did you get introduced to lacrosse? 

When I was in the 6th grade, one of my buddy’s dad’s came over and convinced me to give it a try. Turned out to be a good decision.


What’s the first 90 minutes of your day look like?

I’m definitely a morning person. I like to wake up early, make a big breakfast, and start my day with either a workout or film session. 


Growing up we're your a multi-sport athlete or focused strictly on lacrosse? 

Growing up in Ohio, I started playing football, basketball, and baseball at an early age. I loved playing multiple sports but when I got to high school I started playing lacrosse year-round. 


Growing up who was your biggest inspiration?

Ironically enough, Kyle Harrison was my biggest inspiration growing up. My first year playing lacrosse was the year Johns Hopkins went undefeated, won the 2005 National Championship, and number #18 tore it up! After being on the same team as him, I’m glad I chose a guy like Kyle to look up to because he is one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met. 


What's your current stick setup? 

I’m lucky enough to be a StringKing sponsored athlete and I couldn’t be happier with my setup. I use the Stringking Mark2V head, Stringking’s composite 155 handle, with their type 4x mesh. My favorite shooting string set up is two Us and one nylon. 


How do you tape your sticks? 

I don’t get too fancy with the tape, I usually just tape the butt end to make sure it stays on.


What do you look for in your pockets?

I like to string my sticks with a tight channel and a mid to low pocket. On a scale from 1-10 whip wise, I’d say I use a 5. 


Do you string your own sticks or do you have someone else? If so, how did your learn how? 

I string all of my sticks. I taught myself how to string in the 8th grade through a lot of trial and error. 


What would we find in your gear bag?

I use the Warrior Evo Pro Gloves, Elbow Pads, and New Balance Freeze cleats. 






How do you feel the recruiting process has changed since you have been recruited to Canisius College?

I think the new recruiting rules will be good for the sport. The recruiting process is an extremely important time period in a family’s life. The more information they can gather about the universities/ potential programs, the more educated their decisions will be. 


What drove you to Canisius? Were there other offers in the mix?

I actually transferred to Canisius College from Roanoke. Roanoke was a little too far from home for me. Randy Mearns was the head coach at Canisius during that time and he really helped me feel at home. 

Other schools I was getting recruited by were Ohio State, Syracuse, UMass, and Hobart. 


What’s the best advice you could give to a high school athlete going through the recruiting process? 

Take your time! Visit as many schools as possible and talk to as many coaches as possible. You are going to have to go to class, team lifts, team film sessions, practice, and all the other commitments of a college athlete, make sure it’s at a University or college you love. 


How did you get introduced to the assistant coaching position at John Carroll University? 

After I graduated from Canisius, I worked at a beer and wine distributing company in Cleveland. After working there for a little over a month Joe Rautenstrauch, one of my coaches from Canisius, called me and told me to interview for the JCU job because he was going to be the new head coach. I quit my job the next day. 


Why did you choose # 31?

I wore 33 my entire life but it was already taken! I’m just happy to be on the team, I would have taken any number.


What does your weekly workout regimen consist of?

I work out 6 days a week. I focus on strength/flexibility 3 times a week, conditioning/footwork 3 times a week, and shooting 3 times a week. I will play wall ball pretty much every day.


What’s a workout every guy should be doing (but which few are)?

I would say anything involving your balance, core, and legs is a good start. Personally, I think planks and medicine ball work outs are my favorite.


Favorite pregame/post meal?

Pre-game meal: Two Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

Post-game meal: Chicken, Brown Rice, and Broccoli 


What's the best piece of advice you could give to a young Midfielder looking to have success on the field?

Play offense, defense, and never take time off!


What are your favorite shooting drills? 

I have several favorite shooting drills but whenever I shoot I try to follow a pattern:

1) Warm up (Stretch, work my wrists, one handed shooting)

2) Time and room (focusing on hiding my stick, 1-2-3 shooting)

3) On the run (Turning my hips, snapping my wrists, using my core to explode through my target)

4) Cool down (I just roll the balls out and try to be creative) 


What's one personal goal and one overall team for the 2018 major league lacrosse season with Ohio?

A personal goal of mine is to be a better lacrosse player than I was last season so I can help out the squad wherever they need me. For an overall team goal, I would say the same logic applies, be a better lacrosse team than we were last season and end the season with the same outcome. 


Most memorable play throughout your career?

I don’t have many memorable plays in my career but I will say watching Marcus Holman take over the 4thquarter of the MLL championship game was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. One has ice in his veins. 


What motivates you to get up every day and get better?

I have yet to dress in an MLL game so chasing that gets me through pretty much any and every workout.


What was the toughest moment in your life? How did is shape you? 

I have had a lot of injuries in my playing career. Through those injuries, I have learned to mentally overcome any hurdle and make every moment on the lacrosse field count, because you never know how much longer you’ll be able to suit up.


Who's the Biggest character on The Machine roster?

I’ve only been on the team and in the league for one season but I think we have the best group of guys in the entire league. If I had to pick one guy that always brings the juice, it would have to be Dominique Alexander. Dude’s gas tank is never on E. 


What’s one thing most people would be surprised to know about Mike Perrino?

1.) I like to do Yoga at least 2 times per week 

2.) My favorite band of all time is The Black Crowes 

3.) have a twin brother



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